Small House Design: 3 Houses with Big Impact

I’m going to take a moment here to highlight 3 houses which had a huge impact on my own small house.  As I look back to almost a year ago when the notion to build a small house was just a speck of a seed, these ideas watered that seed and let it grow.  I want to give credit to these little inspirations:

This first one from Arkansas had the largest influence on my personal small house design.  The ultimate final floor plan of my house looks more like a distant cousin of the Arkansas house rather than its twin…  In the design world, this distant resemblance is labeled “inspired by. ..”

1)  Arkansas House:  1BR + 2 lofts, 1 Ba.  600 sq feet (not including lofts).  Favorite features:  exterior color scheme (I want an orange door!!), ceiling planks, full view of loft right upon entering (the wow factor).  Also, not pictured, is a sunroom at front of house which could function as a second bedroom or home office.

Whidbey Whidbey2 whidbey3 whidbey4whidbey5

2)   Laneway House:  1BR, 1Ba, 500sq ft.  Also called accessory dwelling units, these are constructed on a single family lot in the backyard somewhere.  I love the idea of using previously unused real estate ( i.e. defunct garage) and turning it into an income suite.  My favorite about this one is how it packs simple style into a tiny 500sq ft punch.   The finishes and fixtures in this space are clean, simple and beautiful.  The white subway tile surround in the bath — gorgeous!

Laneway1 Laneway2 Laneway3  Laneway5Laneway4 Laneway6

3)  Arado WeeHouse:  This house gets the credit for introducing me to modular construction.  I found it searching for floor plans for my narrow lot and when I saw the house on the crane, was like “what is this?!.   The Arado is 14′ wide and 336 sq ft total.  This particular one has no bathroom and there is no mention of where its occupants bathe or use the facilities (intentional omission?).  My favorite feature in this one is the floor to ceiling windows on both sides which visually expand this narrow house.  As an aside, these one level floor plans contain great ideas for space planning if you plan to convert an existing basement or attic into a separate income or in-law suite (though please don’t forget to add the bathroom).

arado5 arado1 arado2 arado3 arado6 weehouse6



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