The Lot

After weeks of scoping out the neighborhood, I found a small vacant lot that’s a definite contender for my project.  It’s really narrow at only 22’x100′, but has promise.

(Please ignore Eyesore next to it.)  On the promising side, it’s relatively flat and does not need to be cleared (read:  cost savings).  It’s also a corner lot (not easy to come by in the city!) so there is some breathing room.  It is skinny, but hopefully that won’t be an issue for a small house.  On the flip side, it does sit next to Eyesore.  It’s also in Morningside, a neighborhood that’s like the quietest kid in class – no one thinks about it or notices it because all the other neighborhoods around it are gettin’ all the attention.  That might not be a bad thing come ruckus time, but may not be a good thing come time to sell..  However, I still think we have a strong contender here… 🙂


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