Resale or sell-out?

I felt like a deflated balloon.  “Have you thought about resale value?” asked my real estate agent.  Well, no, I hadn’t.  I’d thought about lots of other practical things like location, lot size, slope, access to public utilities, and all the different ways I could utilize my small house but had not thought about resale value.  “In Pittsburgh, people want big.  They want at least 3 bedrooms.”

I know this.  Of course I know this because four years ago I was That Girl.  That Girl who was tired of renting and wanted to move up.  And moving up meant a space larger than my 1 bedroom/1 bath tiny apartment.  It meant space where guests didn’t have to walk through my bedroom to use the only bathroom (which was awwwkward!!).  It meant a space where my living room wasn’t also my gym, home office and guest bedroom.  I needed a 3 bedroom house!

Apparently, the rest of Pittsburgh does as well.

According to Trulia, the number of 3 bedroom homes sold in Pittsburgh is 10 times higher than the number of one bedroom homes sold.  I can’t say for sure, but I’m wondering if those 1 bedroom homes are actually condos.  Meaning, those people buying one bedroom properties are also those looking for hassle-free living in secure high-rise buildings.

As I’m digesting this info, hundreds of thoughts are running through my mind.  What about my vision of adorable small houses dotting the Pittsburgh landscape?  What about my newfound conviction that smaller is better?  What about all the planet saving energy efficiency of a small home?  Is there any one out there who would buy my small house?

I contemplated and contemplated.  Resale value is important.  I do not want to be a landlord forever.  I want to create this sumptuous, eco-smart living space and eventually pass it along.

One, kinda self-ego boosting thought occurred to me.  Perhaps people in Pittsburgh aren’t buying one bedroom homes because nice one bedroom homes don’t exist.  The ones that do are over a 100 years old (seriously) and in need of major work, or they’re one level condos.  There really is nothing here like the small house I want to build.  Perhaps if I build it, they will come 🙂   I had my answer.  I was not going to sell-out to resale.


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